Friday, February 12

Photos taken in Stokholm in August 2014. For more beautiful sky visit Skywatch Friday
Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 10

Winter Gdańsk

Taken last year in Gdańsk

Monday, February 8

The Thames Path

It's always great fun to stroll along the Thames

Friday, February 5


Sopot at the Polish seaside. Photos taken last winter.
For more beautiful images of sky visit:

Wednesday, February 3

Stairs up, stairs down

Mikulov in South Moravia - taken in June 2015

Sunday, January 31

Found them in London last summer. Aren't they great?

Friday, January 29


Charming wee town in Moravia. You would love it's fairy tale atmosphere, houses which seem to be made of ginger bread, hilly landscape and beer spa!